Hoosier Cabinets by Philip Kennedy

Hoosier Cabinets by Philip KennedyThis book is about Hoosier Cabinets, the unique kitchen cabinets found in so many American homes from the turn of the century to the early 1930s.

It provides detailed information about Hoosier, Sellers, Napanee, Boone and McDougall kitchen cabinets and the history of the companies that made them.

It features many old magazine advertisements for kitchen cabinets that will prove invaluable when attempting to identify or date old cabinets. They also show many of the accessories and other features associated with a particular cabinet.

The final section of the book includes many helpful tips and techniques used to restore old cabinets.

The author, Philip D. Kennedy, of Kennedy Hardware in Zionsville, Indiana, is an expert in restoring Hoosier Cabinets. Kennedy Hardware produces and supplies all the hardware and accessories you'll need if you are restoring a Hoosier cabinet.

By Philip P. Kennedy

Softbound, 168 pages.

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